Montell Fish

Pittsburgh-based artist Montell Fish releases music video for “Green Leaves” from his ‘Bedroom Gospel’ album.

At 17, Montell Fish was having a rough time. He was smoking weed constantly, getting in trouble and regularly fighting with his family about his behavior. One night in 2014, he came home stoned and was caught by his stepdad. His stepdad took Fish to a Wednesday-night prayer service; it was a pivotal moment in his life and his career.

“The pastor spoke to me and said ‘God has a plan for your life,’” says Fish. “’And the devil wants to make you just like the world.’”

The change wasn’t overnight. Fish kept smoking, but that interaction with the pastor planted the seed that led to his overhaul. In early 2015, Fish stopped using drugs altogether and gave himself to God.

Today, Fish uses his music to inspire and give hope to young people.

Predictably, some were surprised by the new Montell (“I miss that old Montell, that smoke-this-dope Montell,” Fish raps on “Lost in Eternal Light”). But Fish says that surprise helps him get his point across.

“They’re like, ‘If God can change you, then I must have hope,’” says Fish. “They know how messed up I was.”

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