Selah Tha Corner

We are only two days away from the release of Selah Tha Corner‘s much anticipated debut album Memoirs Of A Perfect World. On Monday, June 20, he released a documentary that discusses his childhood, music, and everything that went into making the upcoming debut album.

God Over Money’s Selah Tha Corner continues to build momentum for his June 23 debut album, Memoirs Of A Perfect World by dropping videos for the tracks “Cliche” featuring Bizzle and “Fuel” featuring Trini.

Nathaniel Martinez (aka, “Selah” or “The Corner”) is a gospel music revolutionary whose total focus is to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the ears of the masses via the poetic art form known as hip hop.

A Yonkers N.Y. native, Selah brings a new flavor to this musical genre that is sure to not only change the way gospel listeners view gospel hip hop, but the way the entire music industry looks at gospel music.

Selah draws his inspiration from the scripture 1 Peter 2:9, which tells us that we are not only ministers of the gospel, but we are ministers of royal descent, a peculiar people, a chosen people, and that our destiny’s lead to greatness, because of our father in heaven.

This guarantee for victory in God has led Selah to create a different form of ministry and praise. A form that maintains earthly humility in all things, but because of our spiritual standing in God, promotes spiritual confidence in his lyrics. A notion, that is set aside only for those who have been redeemed from the curse of the law and are the righteousness of God.

I can admit the first time I saw a Selah video, I was a bit skeptical. But that’s why I believe in hearing and searching for an artist’s testimony and the story behind the music. You can’t know the music until you hear what inspired it and actually listen to the album. Furthermore, I don’t believe God ever intended for us all to be the same and/or have the same ministries. You are either living for Christ or living for yourself. If we say we are living for Christ, we have an obligation to draw people to Him. There has to be Christians that the youth and men in the streets can relate to. If you’re not from the street and your lifestyle is business suits and briefcases then the Father has sent you to that specific arena to minister to those type of people but if the street is where you’re from then you have the potential to draw those people to Him. I think God is less concerned with outer appearances and more concerned with your heart, intentions and motives. I’m not saying a specific style of dress is wrong or right, I’m saying who cares. God can use you right where you are, being who you are. He doesn’t need you to try to be someone you’re not. If He’s not pleased with what you look like or the image you’re portraying He has ways of letting you know but that is between that person and God. The gospel is top priority. And if you want to preach it with gold teeth, chains, and hoodies then so be it. People have these unusual ideas of what a perfect Christian looks like, somehow forgetting that we all come from dust.  That type of perfection does not exist. We have specific purposes that are suppose to be authentic. We were not created to be exactly alike. We were created to have a heart like Jesus. He is the example. The only example of perfection. And as long as you’re striving to attain that then the opinions of others don’t matter. Their opposition will only make you stronger. -Tracy Renee (Photographer/Music Journalist at 16 Bars of Light)


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