Proud Refuge

Zach Mwangi is a singer, rapper, and producer who is also known as Proud Refuge. Zach is the son of Kenyan parents and hails from the Bay Area in California. Growing up, he moved around a lot and spent the majority of his high school years in Kenya where his family is originally from.

While in Nairobi, Zach struggled with finding himself among his peers which often consisted of drinking and smoking. Although he was not heavily involved with either, he became subject to the lifestyle of people pleasing in hopes of fitting in with his classmates, the so called “popular” kids.

Eventually Zach returned to the states for further studies in college. Fortunately, at an early age he had been blessed to discover his divine purpose in music at his home church.

Upon returning to the U.S. he decided to try his luck in the secular industry but after deep conviction from the Holy Spirit he realized he could no longer serve two masters. He walked away from the secular music scene in 2015. Prior to that he had been going by the name Pesa, but then started using the name Proud Refuge after discovering his purpose to spread love and peace in the world.

Since then Proud Refuge has been serving at his local church House Of Glory in Sacramento, Ca. He is developing his craft in hopes of reaching the young people and being the beacon of light among his peers. His debut EP entails his struggles, his faith, and his view of life at 21.

After Releasing his well received single “Sold Out” back in 2016, He later released his debut EP “Mountain Movers Club” on February 20, 2017. His brand “Mountain Movers Club” represents the faith he had to continue pursuing his gift in a way that allows him to share it with others.

16 Bars have adopted two favorite tracks off the album that we play constantly and it’s “Mercy on Me” and “Trust and Believe”.

“Trust and Believe” came about from a conversation between an individual who was struggling with life and I had the opportunity to encourage them. The song entails having hope and putting trust in God regardless of life’s trials and tribulations. (Swahili chorus) ties in the message to deliver a unique sound inspired by the holy spirit. Subtitles (Kila siku mi na omba – everyday I’m praying), (Usi poteze njia – that you don’t get off the path). -Proud Refuge

Proud Refuge’s most recent single “These Days” featuring Anthony Ryan dropped just a week ago. Which leads us to believe he is still working hard in the studio and we are looking forward to hearing much more from this talented artist in the near future.


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