Davey Asaph

Davey Asaph, better known as David McKissic, grew up in South Bend, IN raised by his mother and hip hop. David was nicknamed “mumbles” because he would freestyle about random things that didn’t seem to make sense. Yet it was in that moment that a desire to create was birthed.

In High school every day David would go over a friend’s house and sing and rap. This grew his love for music and the desire to create music increased. Yet insecure about making music that people would like, he pushed it to the back burner until 2008, when he and some friends would formed a group called “Spit Unity”.

Spit Unity released 5 projects in 7 years and then split in 2015. At their last meeting, the group encouraged David to pursue a solo project as they felt he was gifted to do so. In 2016, David finally decided to embark on a long time dream of releasing an album as a solo artist. He wanted to share what God had done in his life and heart so he “locked in” and held nothing back as the grind began. One year later the solo project is complete and now has a release date of June 13th, 2017. An album called “Never In My Wildest”.

Davey Asaph released a music video for “Who Here” from the upcoming debut album. A song written to his father.

“Never In MY Wildest” was recorded in Asaph’s home studio, Cerebro, in Indianapolis, IN. Asaph engineered the entire project with some help and advising from Zach Foty. Never In My Wildest is David’s first full length album. The inspiration for the album came from stopping and looking back over his life and being floored by where he is now as a father, husband, and as a man. Sonically, the inspiration came from everywhere from Lecrae, Mumford & Sons, Jon Bellion, Chance The Rapper, and even Dwight from the classic show “The Office”.  -daveyasaph.com

PRE ORDER “Never In My Wildest” on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/sLpWjb

Download ‘Who Here’ https://itun.es/us/UBykjb

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/56DoxD…


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