Armond Wakeup

Armond Wakeup released his surprise project The Dropbox Demos. Unfortunately for us, it’ll only be available for a week and then it’ll be gone. The cutoff will be May 26, 2017.


Armond makes it clear that this is not a collection of throwaway songs, just songs that didn’t fit on any of his projects. 100% of the sales will go to Advance Church Columbus, funding missions to send African Americans to Tijuana, Mexico to spread the Gospel.

“…matter fact, don’t be surprised if you hear finished versions of these songs eventually…” -Armond Wakeup (Bandcamp) 


Armond Wakeup is the king of dropping music that will be around for a limited time. So, if you love good music, buy this project, because once it’s gone it could possibly be gone forever.

1. Life Is A Cartoon (produced by Redd Lettaz & Jonathan Baker) (2014)
2. Hoodie Season (2013) (produced by Armond WakeUp)
3. Inside (Original Version) (2012)
4. I Got You (2016)
5. Make A Beat Out Of This Doc (produced by Armond WakeUp) (2014)
6. TLC (2014)
7. We’ll Get There In The End (2013)
8. Easy To Love (2015)
9. Trying To Get (feat Indefinite) (produced by Smurf Village) (2012)

To purchase this project go here.