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Sean David Grant was born outside of Chicago, raised in South Florida, but has been a long-time resident of the Metro Atlanta area. Grant, who holds an electrical engineering degree and an engineering entrepreneurship certificate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the CEO of Jaidot, LLC and Trackstarz, LLC as well as the co-founder of Nectar Distribution. A former WEA recording artist and director for the spoken word group Destinations, Grant now records for Trackstarz, LLC, is a co-host for Trackstarz Radio & Television, and is additionally a master of photography, videography, web and graphic design, audio production and engineering. Most importantly, he is the devoted husband of Mrs. Alfie Grant.  -newreleasetoday

Sean debuted his new album Wonder Years on Monday, April 24. The 14-song set features collaborations with the likes of Mouthpi3ce, Jasmine Le’Shea, Ric Sincere and Eshon Burgundy as well as production from Jay Cardec, Wontel, JRuckers, Cobra, PKOneDay, C-Beats and

The project is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify.

Grant also unveiled a Wonder Years companion piece, a 119-page digital photo album with conceptual images shot specifically for each song, album credits and lyrics. The idea was inspired by iconic photographer and filmmaker Gordon Parks. For Grant’s “Alfie,” an ode to his wife, the flip book displays endearing pictures of the couple. “Abandon” captures visuals of homelessness. “Suffocating” depicts Grant submerged in water. “Honest With Me” showcases Grant under an interrogation spotlight.

Wonder Years Booklet

Grant wants listeners to relate to his personal stories. “Wonder Years not only chronicles my life but the typical life of a young Christian trying to find their way,” he explains. “You start out on fire for God then trouble comes. You can either run from God or run towards Him. This album shows you how I got through my ‘wonder’ years dealing with self-doubt, doubts with God, and questions about my future. Are you in your ‘wonder years’?”

Wonder Years track listing:

How Bout Now [Prod. by PK One Day]
They Know ft. Mouthpi3ce [Prod. by]
Temper Temper [Prod. by Jay Cardec]
R Rated Nights [Prod. by C-Beats]
Addicted ft. FMG [Prod. by]
We Rise ft. Jasmine Le’Shea [Prod. by Cobra]
Alfie [Prod. by Jay Cardec]
Suffocating ft. Camille Priscilla [Prod. by Jay Cardec]
Paper Weapons ft. Ric Sincere [Prod. by]
Glorious ft. Danny Script [Prod. by Danny Script]
Good Enough ft. Eshon Burgundy [Prod. by Wontel]
Worry ft. JayStrong [Prod. by Jruckers]
Abandon ft. Celita [Prod. by Sean David Grant and Jordan Roe]
Honest With Me [Prod. by Wontel and Jordan Roe]

There are very few CHH albums that I can listen to straight through. I’m very analytical and I’m not a fan of garbage-n-fluff lyrics. With that being said, this album was the complete opposite of that.

Sean’s story-telling capability and the clever title of his album is very reminiscent of the 80’s sitcom Wonder Years. Truly impeccable. I’ve listened to it several times already. The entire production of this project is artistic and raw.

There are some artists that put so many other features on their album that I forget who’s album I’m listening to. That was not the case with this album. Sean holds his own and it’s very clear that there was a specific direction he wanted to go with this and he nailed it. Each track has it’s own flavor, similar to chapters in a book.

Speaking of books, the flip-book photography was pure genius. I was already sold on the album but that put the icing on the cake. I am very impressed when an artist can pique various senses. My eyes and ears are very happy with this project.  I admire Sean as an artist, even more now, than I did prior.

My favorite track off the album is “Worry”. There are so many reasons why this just bangs for me. First and foremost, Sean has bars on top of bars. And the topic is something we can all relate to. There’s also this haunting whisper over a tight beat… us music folk call this trippy or trip-hop. But then there’s a R&B twist in the chorus…musically it’s brilliant and it works perfectly with the lyrics of the song.

My second favorite track off the album is “They Know”.  This track sounds like it has some African/Asian influence. The beat starts off very simple then becomes complex, drawing the listener in.

-Tracy Renee (Photographer/Music Journalist)


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