Out Of The Blue

KnuOrigen, who forms the rap duo Out of the Blue with Kay Sade, says his faith and music background, as well as the anime background influences his art. He says, he started watching anime around seventh grade and became a fan of series like Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

“I incorporate that a lot into the music,” KnuOrigen said, “and that’s why I think when you watch the videos you see a lot of different imagery. Some people have been getting on us about that, saying Illuminati stuff.” -KnuOrigen

KnuOrigen believes his anime-inspiration may separate him from other artists.

“I have wordplay. I try to do the quick cadences and things like that and definitely always have content, but I try to portray that through images, try to paint a picture that you can see in your mind,” he said, “similar to storytelling — maybe exactly the same as storytelling — but instead of just talking about my past or talking about someone’s life situation, I’m trying to construct fantasy.” KnuOrigen

“I find that people are very quick to criticize what they do not understand. What we as humans deem unusual may be more of a reality than what we see in the physical. And that is represented and proven even in the Bible. Some have difficulty wrapping their minds around the idea of anything that does not look like their everyday reality. But I’ve learned from reading the Word, that there is so much more going on behind what we can visually see. And God has already ‘chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise’, so for me, this music and these videos are no different. These two are so much more deeper and wiser than people realize.”  Tracy Renee, Photographer & Music Journalist, 16 Bars

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