We’re back this week with another Role Model Records artist. We promise we aren’t biased or anything, it’s just that this label is doing big things for the Kingdom and the CHH industry and we are pleased with the music that’s being released.

If you are not following the music of Toronto based Canadian rapper Shope, you are missing out! The early part of last year he put out the album “Know It’s Real: Truth Be Told”, which deals with love and romance.

“I’ve never seen that done,” said Shopé. “A whole project dedicated to that. I want to talk about love and romance in its entirety, from a Christian perspective.”

With a flow as unique as his message, Shopé seeks to bring the “uncompromising truth of God in the language of the culture”. Formerly known as Spoken, the Role Model Records frontman, recently dropped the moniker in favour of his real name, as a representation of what he calls “a natural evolution in my growth not simply as an artist, but as a man.” His music has been described as honest, and vulnerable, yet bold and confident. He’s transparent, yet not voyeuristic, emotive yet not sorrowful, exciting yet not typical. That is perhaps the reason his work has resonated with so many in such a short period time.

What I found so compelling about the video to Piped Piper is the transparency in it and the idea of being on this journey … to freedom.  He drops so much truth in the song itself, and I was so very happy about the location. It works well with the mellow rhythm. It’s raw, no glitter and lights, just real. I’m always watching to see what an artist is pushing in our face. Is it who they are, or who God is and how they’re being used for a greater purpose? Content (for me) is everything, it’s ultimately the deciding factor on whether I’ll keep tuning in or not.

-Tracy Renee (Photographer & Music Journalist, 16 Bars)

Most recently Shope released the EP, entitled “4 Real-Deluxe Version”.

16 Bars have been listening to one song in particular off that EP.

“Say I – Remix” is a favorite across the board! Listen to it for yourself, and while you’re at it, check out the entire EP as well. You can listen to Shope for free on Souncloud and Spotify. You can also purchase his music on iTunes.

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