Originally a native of Baltimore, MD now way of San Diego, Beleaf Melanin is an Inspirational Hip-Hop artist that blends sharp lyricism with spoken word poetry and soulful grooves. He has traveled the country performing at countless colleges and festivals with his group theBREAX opening for artist such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, War, Arrested Development and Wu Tang. Beleaf’s projects Theo’s Gift and Red Pills + Black Sugar became fan favorites in 2013 and 2014. He also has two celebrated albums with the collective Dream Junkies, which includes himself, Ruslan and John Givez.

A very technical and concept driven artist, Beleaf aims to give the listener the freedom to imagine their dreams coming true and focusing on the dream until it is a reality. This is important to Beleaf because he was a victim of physical and mental abuse and grew up struggling with depression because of never believing he was worth much and often contemplating suicide. Now that he is liberated, his goal is to celebrate life with his family and change the world with his art.


About a week after Beleaf’s new single “No Chill” had listeners anticipating his next album, he made a big announcement about it…

“I’m not putting out any more albums after I drop this album. This is the last one,” Beleaf said. “It’s bittersweet. Because I know that there’s a lot of people out there who are doing hip hop that aren’t really good or representing well, and I know that I could represent well, but that’s not really the point. The point is that if I travel around the country and tell people to put their hands up for 20 minutes on a stage, that’s still many hours that I’m missing outside of my home, where I’m supposed to be most present.” -Beleaf

But wait, there’s more…

Have you ever came across a man and thought, “I wish I had a daddy like that when I was a kid?” Well, that’s how I look at Beleaf, lol. It’s more than having a father that’s present, although to be present is extremely important, but what you’re teaching and showing your children is just as relevant. There are a lot of men teaching their daughters a dysfunctional example of what a man and father looks like,  but then there are men like Beleaf, that’s more than a Christian father, more than a husband, more than a rapper, more than a teacher, just more than. I feel that he is setting a standard of what a father is suppose to be. Surprisingly, I don’t think that was his intention. From watching his YouTube videos and listening to his music over the years, I took it that he just wanted people to realize that good black fathers existed and all black men didn’t abandon their relationships, children and responsibilities. He wasn’t saying that he was doing everything right or trying to set an example, he was just sharing the experience. But his channel “Beleaf in Fatherhood” has grown into so much more, in my opinion. I faithfully tune in to watch sincere and funny depictions of a healthy family unit and it’s educational as well as entertaining. His two sons, Theo and Uriah (who he warmly refers to as his chocolate babies) and his kind and intelligent wife Yvette, recently welcomed baby girl Anaya to their family. The excitement surrounding her birth was awesome! They’ve become a big deal in my house! The birth video still has me in tears.

Beleaf’s YouTube channel Beleaf in Fatherhood has ballooned to over 18,000 subscribers to date.

“Basically, what I’m going to be doing is, I’m going to be doing Beleaf in Fatherhood, and when I get inspired, I’ll just go ahead and make these records for Patreon, and send them out to a bunch of people, and just songwrite for people.” -Beleaf

Listeners can help send Beleaf out with a bang by ordering his album at, which he said would help him purchase a vehicle with enough space for a third car seat. Fans can also support Beleaf on Patreon, where he plans to make new singles available in the future.


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