Joey Jewish

16 Bars first came across Joey Jewish’s music blaring from the speakers of our founder Tracy Renee aka Mama-T’s car radio. On rough days when most godly women listen to the predictable and most popular worship tracks, we can always look to our founder to stand out and enjoy God in her own way. Sitting in her car alone in the parking lot you could hear her listening to Joey Jewish’s “Beautiful Solitude”. This would take place daily. She still enjoys the album lyrically and the overall sound. Check out his bio, music and a portion of his testimony below. His sound is authentic and his ministry is real.

Joey better known as Joey Jewish, is an American rapper, singer, song writer, record engineer and producer. He was born and raised in Arizona, and lived temporarily in Atlanta Georgia. He first garnered recognition for his American Dream project in 2015 where he was named a Freshmen of The Year by

Joey’s EP, Abstracts & Fragments (2014), spawned the successful single “Kilo” and displayed his ability to be versatile both singing and rapping. Since then Joey worked on developing his sound which took shape in 2015 following his break from touring and studio recording. “I went into a time of solitude,” Joey said. “A time that was required to rediscover God & myself”. Following that season, Joey secretly began writing the hit single “Beautiful Solitude” which is now in rotation worldwide and has created a trending new buzz.

A sound all to himself, Joey is ushering a new wave in the music industry while touching on topics of depression, addiction, & finding one’s self. Listeners are magnetically drawn to Joey’s real take on music & life. The driving melodic beats, held by the ambient vocal tones create an eclectic sound guaranteed to take you to new heights.

“I jerked my wheel to the left to pull off at this ramp and right when I [did] it, my wheel locks, my car shuts off and I slowly just kind of fade over to the left side of the road,” Joey said. “Immediately, the spirit of God just hits me right where I am in my car… I feel this intense love come over me and say, ‘I love you and I forgive you. Just call out to me.’”

That night, Joey pleaded for help from God with his drinking problem and made a promise to fully serve God for the rest of his life.

“Right after I gave that call and concluded the event, she came up and she was very timid — just very very stand-offish. You could tell she was shy,” Joey said. “She said, ‘I actually don’t even like hip hop. It’s not my type of music, and I wasn’t even going to come tonight. I was going to commit suicide.’”

“We grabbed hands, and we began to pray, and I could see these scars from slashes on her wrist and on her arms,” Joey said. “We prayed and you could just feel this intense presence. God just touched her right there.”

-Joey Jewish

Joey testifies that being able to see how he touched the heart of that young lady at the show in Santa Barbara who was experiencing these same sort of troubles has affected his music career substantially, causing him to understand the amount of influence he can have as an artist.

The girl has since kept in touch with Joey, telling him of how she is highly involved in the youth group at the Santa Barbara church. Furthermore, she is one of the few youth who is a part of an outreach team from her church to her local high school, helping spread the gospel on her campus. -rapzilla

“While working at a wellness and recovery center, I would come across similar stories every day. It was hard to detach myself from my work. But I don’t think God wanted me to. Praying with and for them was why I was there. I thank God for people like Joey that use their testimony to touch the lives of others by bringing them to Christ. That’s what it’s all about.”

-16 Bars of Light, Tracy Renee

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