Humble Beast 73-17

Life’s blueprint unfolds in the womb.

In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Roe vs. Wade that a woman’s right to privacy includes the right to terminate the life of her unborn child.

Today, in 2017, as a result, sixty million American lives have been ended in the very womb that was giving them life. In some sense, every American has become a victim of this injustice, but the tragic effects have been disproportionately devastating on the black community. It is not the God of the Bible who has been driving this murderous American system from 1973 until today. So who has?

“73–17” is a sincere and passionate plea to black and white alike, to men and women alike, to all who would pause to ponder the power of personhood. In particular the film acknowledges the pain and addresses the plight of countless black women who, next to the children, have been the greatest victims of this system. What is a person? A person is you — as human today as you were in the womb.


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