Surf Gvng

Surf Gvng is a Miami, Fl -based group made up of artists Geek & Wolf. A musical duo with a unique hip hop style merges with the surf culture of South Beach.

Being from different hoods in Miami they carry their own unique sound & style but with an energy that rocks the crowd and a twist of Miami’s South Beach surf culture.

Together they are pushing their gifts to the limits and glorify Christ in all they do. You may have heard their first single Bang Dis’ on in which it has over 18,000 plays, The group has opened for many major Artists such as KB, Flame, Thisl, Social Club, Mary Mary, J. Moss, Deitrick Haddon, and countless others. They have even performed at Joyce Meyer’s Hope Jam 2013 in Miami.

Please check out Surf Gvng, if you haven’t already! They are authentic to their belief in Jesus Christ and the Lord’s mercy and they rep for CHH heavily, which we really admire.

Surf Gvng’s ‘Not Sorry’ for Calling Themselves Christian Hip-Hop Artists

Surf Gvng was formed to inspire you to be you. The ‘You’ that God created you to be. Many times we hide behind social media using it to appear as someone we really aren’t. Surf to find YOU, the real you, which can only be found in Christ.

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